Joy Prescott

Fiber Art

My fiber art is influenced primarily by my love of crochet, the wonderful textures you can create with crochet stitches, the portability of crochet, its accessibility to everyday people, and its sculptural qualities. I feel that much of the argument regarding craft and art is one of class and gender bias, with crochet suffering from these prejudices more than many other fiber art techniques, so I enjoy creating objects that people don't normally associate with crochet.

I recycle yarn found at thrift stores, which signifies some of the ideals I was taught growing up, such as “making do” and being thrifty and how that is a creative endeavor in and of itself. It gives me great satisfaction to re-use or use up something that would otherwise be discarded.

A deep connection to nature is also reflected in my work. I am interested in how nature informs my psyche and influences how I feel on a daily basis. My current work is a sculptural series of vehicles created entirely from my thrift-store yarn stash that I imagine using for creative journeys. The vehicles resemble live creatures with cavities where I can ride or hide. My needs at the time of creation drive the form and function of the vehicles.

Littleneck Walker                     Sex Blanket #1                             Rock Jumper

Mama Come Back                   


- 2012, Mama Come Back, The Phoenix Project, Toronto, Canada at the International Cultic Studies Association conference
- 2012, Sex Blanket #1, Seattle Erotic Art Festival, Seattle, WA
- 2009, Selected pieces on display at New Growth, Fiberati Collective Show and Marketplace, Wallingford, Seattle, WA
- 2009, "Rock Jumper" on display at Cultural Fiber - Civilization, Ethos & Strength of Character, during the North Olympic Fiber Arts Festival at Sequim, WA
- 2008, "Littleneck Walker" on display at EmergingUniversity of Washington Fiberarts Certification Program Student Show, All City Coffee Gallery, Seattle, WA

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