Joy Prescott
My photography work is for sale at multiple microstock web sites including iStockphoto, ShutterStock, Dreamstime, BigStockPhoto, CanStockPhoto, and Fotolia. I have also taken photographs for the Shakes Island Renovation Project, most of which you can view on their Facebook page.

Microstock Photography

Microstock photography is a type of stock photography that sources their images almost exclusively via the Internet from a wider range of photographers than traditional stock agencies. Microstock sites sell images at low rates (usually anywhere from $.25 - $28) for a royalty-free image.
All of the microstock photography web sites have acceptance criteria. Some of them have tutorials that are good to go through to help you get accepted. Basically, the tutorials go over the rules, e.g. files must be a certain size, why you should use a tripod, what subjects sell well, how to keyword your files, etc. Most sites also have member forums. It is helpful to read past posts to get your questions answered.

The people who buy the photos use them for a wide variety of reasons: newsletters, ads, book covers, Web sites, etc. They pay the site per download, buy a block of downloads, or per month by subscription.
Here are the sites that I have had the most success with in order of most $$$received:
I have the most downloads from this site. They automatically pay once a month when your balance is over $75. The starting pay is .25 per photo download but they also have good extended license options and I occasionally sell a photo for a much larger amount ($28.00). After you reach a certain level, the pay is .33 per download.
This site is the most edgy and high-end of the sites. Their standards are also high (they're owned by Getty). Payment per download varies based on the size of the file and other factors. You can request payment after you reach 100.00 in sales.
The payment per download can be anywhere from .35 to 4.00. You can request payment after you reach 100.00 in sales.
Big Stock
This site is owned by Shutterstock. It is nice because you can request payment after only 50.00 in sales.

Pays 1.00 for most downloads. You can request payment after you reach 100.00 in sales.
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