Joy Prescott


My writing focuses primarily on creative non-fiction and technical writing. My most recent writing has been for For example, see the Frey Scientific Fluorescent Variable Magnification Stereo Microscope.

For samples of my creative writing, visit my blog called View From Rain Island.

Some of my recent writing was for the
Shakes Island Renovation Project and included items such as blogs and press releases. As part of the project, I wrote a guest blog for Planet Alaska called Growth Rings.

I also write articles for eHow. This is just a sampling of some of the topics that I've written for them:
How to Make Crafts with Recycled Film Negatives 
How to Make Freeform Crochet
How to Make a Jonah and the Whale Catch Game

How to Create a Premium SMS Service
How to Create Encrypted VBS Script
How to Train in Teradata DBA
General Interest
How to Prevent Boredom While Living in a Small Town 
Web Hosting Companies